Willem André (W.A. van Dulmen Krumpelman) 1958 Oosterwolde, The Netherlands

Lives and works in the middle of the lakes and woods 20km outside of Falun. Dalarna, Sweden

Member in KRO Konstnärernas Riksorganisation, SAK Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening, KiD Konst i Dalarna

Affiliated with © Pictoright.

Installations, still lifes, sculptures, land art, drawings, prints, readymades, photos, mail-art.

Academy of Fine Arts, Aki, Enschede, The Netherlands 1977-1983 (
Graphic design, Typography, Graphics, Photography, Environmental design, Furniture design, Mixed media. Graduated as Artist.

Nowadays he walks the dogs and takes pictures.

Nature is the source of his inspiration, in particular his living environment have become the starting point for his work. He works in silence, does not like publicity and is rarely seen at openings of exhibitions. Although he has been around, he is not a traveler and the internet is the most important source for keeping abreast of developments in the (art) world.

Born in Oosterwolde, in the province of friesland, he grew up amongst farms, forests and heathland in the countryside around Gees, in the province of drenthe, the north of the Netherlands.  Always outside, roaming in woods and streams, digging underground cabins building his own little world he became interested in archeology he collected stones and fossils.

Grants have been awarded by both the Central Government Fonds BKVB nowadays Mondriaanfonds and Provincial Governments.

He constructed concrete and terrazzo work for artists, including an assignment for a big mosaic for Niko de Wit.

Part of a memorial to Martinus Nijhoff in the Oranjepark in Goirle, the Netherlands.


Cultural activities/board positions, (under development)

Chairman (and founder) Stichting voor Kunst en Ateliers, Foundation for Art and Studios in Enschede,1984-1989.  Manage artists’ studios and organize exhibitions.
Board member, (secretary 1985-1986) Foundation Ateliers ‘De Werkhaven’ Enschede. Manage artists’ studios.
Board member 1987(and treasurer 1989-1991)1992, Dutch Society of Sculptors, Amsterdam

(SJHT secretary/chairman 1985-1987; Humanistisch Verbond, The Hague-Wassenaar; chairman 1988-1989; Association OKW, vice-chairman 1985)


Exhibitions (among others):

1989 Enschede, Rijksmuseum Twenthe
1990 Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum
1995 Amsterdam, Verzetsmuseum

Mail-art has been exhibited around the world.

Work can be found in private collections.



He has published booklets with his own work but alsoinvited other artists.

(under development)